“Road Changed Ahead”
                Sign en route to Point Reyes Light
Six pale dawns
became six bright jewels
or blue or gray pools
of delight and we swam
deeply in the light
like small flecks of coal
the earth could not press
from brilliant stones.
The green grew despite
the cold spring rain,
Birds of Paradise
flames perched for flight—
the ruby throated hummingbird
in the dusty peeled bark
of eucalyptus
on tiny invisible feet,
and under ours
the cross hatched bells
sticky rich with medicinal smell
our pockets full and reeking.
The beach was strewn
with small change
of sand dollars
their fine fern designs
like feathers
of fossil birds
and their flight
became our path
along the wet and sucking shore
in the west wind and white
curls of Pacific blue.
a mirror of sky.

Crystal Bacon


 This is the beauty and joy of our humanity – being able to love, to share, to be generous; to give without caring whether anyone else knows or acknowledges it.  
Ajahn Sumedho


geese are heading home

Eva Wise, The Geese are Heading Home, Fiber art, mixed media