While Wading Through
The Shorelines of Time

I push inked-out rhythms over scattered
Patterns of rainbowed thought.
What an Agreement we have made
To be one of the Life Parade,
Fragile as Earth to the Sun,
Sturdy as the Gravity that holds everyone.
Heaven is a heart of Joy,
And I harbor Heaven on such a day.
In the Flesh, what more sacred and sensational Vehicle
To discover every Curve and Angle and Pause of
All our effervescently evolving Emotions.  
Dive in. 
I am learning to surf 
the great Metaphoric tides of This Vast Ocean,
To tunnel through Triumphant at last.
Look at all the crashing waves
I’ve survived...
And learned to love us 
as much as
I hate the bitter salt water 
that nearly drowns me
In challenge;  
I am the “Wipe out!” wonder
Oh, harness the Harmony just waiting to be ours…
To be our Hours… 
Yes, Wisdom’s mastery is 
the Great Romance 
of the long-woven hours.
And I am as patient as the breathing womb that Knows
There is no tomb after death.
It’s where my smile goes…



Elizabeth Hack, Wave on Gold, Ink and acrylic on wood panel