Two Spiders and a Spotted Dog

She sits by the window
light falling on her sewing
basket, where a small yellow
spider plucks its way
among the cerulean wool
and the two of them
spend a pleasant hour
each in the company of the other.

The pointer in the field
has scented a pheasant,
stands alert awaiting the shot
and on its stiffened tail
lights a frittilary pumping
its wings in open sun.

Delicate caligraphy
of dark legs, a spider
sits waiting in the center
of a newly spun wheel of silk.

I blow on her, and she,
thinking it unstable weather
scurries up the one o’clock spoke
to her recess in the fence


CB Follett

Squeak Carnwath, Something, 2009, alkyd on canvas over panel,  90” x 80”