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Who We Are

San Francisco Peace and Hope receives Gold seal award at Dancing Poetry Festival at California Legion of Honor, September 2015.


Al Young, SF Peace and Hope first anniversary reading, June 2012

Founding Director and Editor:
Elizabeth Hack

Philip Lewenthal

In Memoriam Al Young
California poet laureate emeritus

Kit Kennedy
Jeannie Motherwell
Natica and Richard Angilly
Stephen Kopel
John Rowe
John Rhodes
Mark Osaki
Clara Hsu
Tatjana Debeljački
Susan Jokelson
Rudi and Julie Raab
Cheryl Jones
Philip Lewenthal
Elaine Drew
Dan Brady
Vince Storti
Erica Goss
Nancy Vicknair
Justice Morrighan
Winnie Thompson
Marty Wood
Claire J. Baker
Niya C. Sisk
Patrice Haan

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